Conference Schedule for 11th CRSI-RSC Symposium and 20th CRSI National Symposiums in Chemistry

The conference schedule of 11th CRSI-RSC Symposium and 20th CRSI National Symposiums in Chemistry can be downloaded from 20th CRSI-NSC Schedule.

Prodeep Phukan
Convener CRSI-NSC 2017


  1. It is very unfortunate that today for reasons not clearly known or understood we happened to reach SIRD HOSTEL past 1AM. The most unfortunate is besides all the unavoidable incidents that have happened, the reaction of some of the volunteering Scholars was not in a pleasant manner to many. For the good faith in the Chemistry family, I'm looking forward that such incidents should be avoided in the future.

  2. The arrangement/organisation of CRSI-20 was not up to the mark. The expectation from management was much higher than what we actually got there. Few points where the mismanagement was seen were: a)Time schedule given for departure was 7:30 am from hostel but bus used to come by 8:15 am or late b) Food counters were less in number keeping in mind the number of participants c) The special dinner that was organised some 30 kms away from university was just a waste of time and was the most annoying thing that happened during conference. No volunteer or organizer took responsibility for participants and participants were standing unattended on roads till 1 am d)Biggest void that was seen in the conference was no chance of interaction with the Profs and delegates since they were taken to different spot for meals all the time.
    Hope, next CRSI is much more managed and organised.

    1. Every day lunch at the conference venue is far better than the so called Conference Dinner. May be only for the ones sitting up, but not for us. Regarding the bus and volunteer issues, they are not organised as organizers; they give a BAD NAME to the Chemistry Community. When they have problems from their side regarding the online payment of accommodation fees they do update and comment in this blog. Now that everything is over they are happy, we rather send feedback to CRSI and RSC directly.